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Egg Peeling Machine
Golden Egg

Automatic Egg Peeling

Stop losing on the egg-peeling job

GoldenEgg is a compact, tabletop machine that automates the tedious job of peeling and removing eggshells off boiled chicken eggs with a low loss rate(1/4) and at a speed that’s 3 times faster than human hands.



  • Power: 120 V

  • Dimensions: Width-200mm x Length-500mm x Height – 400mm

  • Weight: 14kg

  • Required for operations: water supply and drainage


Only 0.32m2 and a water faucet are needed.
Unlike industrial egg-peeling machines, GoldenEgg takes a very small space and one water faucet.
It can work even in a small restaurant kitchen.

How to Use?  Put Eggs on the Machine- That's ALL!


Why Choose Golden Egg?

1. Saving Cost


2. Saving Time - 90% less engagement time

Because the engagement time is only 10 seconds per 20 eggs, the GoldeEgg needs less than a minute per 100 eggs.
Even taking 5 minutes for cleaning, we can save a tremendous time. For example, the Golde Egg finished peeling 420 eggs in 3.5 minutes comparing with 1.5 hours by human hands(81.5 minutes saved!).
The GoldenEgg can save more than 90%of labor time.


3. Reduce Damage on Eggs

The special spinning and cracking method enabled to minimize the damage on peeling process.
The machine spins eggs in a certain way to make cracks on certain parts of the shells to reduce the breakage of whites significantly. Depending on the egg quality and properties the average damage rate is around 5%.  You can save 42 eggs every day when you peel 420 eggs in a day.
If we can buy a raw egg for USD0.10, it would save USD4.20 every day on egg-peeling.


4. Able to Peel Soft Boiled Eggs Without Damage

Eggs with runny yolks, typically boiled for 6-8 minutes are very hard to peel without damaging the whites because they are very soft and easy to break. This is the reason a worker has to be engaged and focused when peeling this type of eggs. Golden Egg has a specially designed peeling mechanism that dispenses these soft eggs without any damage to the whites. Of course, it peels hard-boiled eggs with no damage as well.


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