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Soup refractometer

α  series

Temperature correction correction, water proof

Can be measured exact data with temperature correction.

What is the

sugar content ?

How much sugar in the 100g fruit juice.

Represent by percent(%)

What is the concentration ?

Some ingredients are melted in the

soup that is called soluble solid.

Represent by percent(%)

What is the Brix ?

Brix is measured value of scale.

(Sugar content by fruit juce, Jam etc.. or concentration by soup, Sauce etc…)


α series Handy retractometer (densitometer)

128121_1203_アートボード 1.jpg

・Measuring range: 0~20%

・Minimum scale: Brix0.1%

・Weight: 160g


Special α series Ramen soup densitometer

128128_1203_アートボード 1.jpg

・Measuring range: Soup concentration 0.0~33.0%

  Lye water baume 0.0~10.0

・Measurement accurancy: Soup consentration ±0.2%

  Lye water baum ±0.5%(10~30°c )

・Minimum scale: Soup consentration 0.2% Lye water baume 0.5

・Weight: 100g

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