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Fill out the order form and submit



You will receive a quotation with shipping costs from ramen support

The shipping cost is calculated per order, as some items are in stock in Los Angeles and others are ordered from Japan.



Confirm and pay for your quote

We will send you an invoice through Quickbook so you can pay through Quickbook!

Order Confirmation



Goods from Japan may be subject to customs duties

Please note: Customs payment claims will be invoiced later by external services such as FedEx and UPS

Goods Shipping

  • How much does shipping cost?
    We send you a quote on a case-by-case basis, as it varies greatly depending on the mailing address, size and weight of the item.
  • Is there any way to reduce the shipping cost from Japan?
    Nowadays, shipping costs are particularly high due to COVID. As a way to reduce shipping costs, you can also use shipping services It will take about two months to arrive
  • How long will it take for the arrival of the package?
    After payment received About 1 week for domestic shipping If shipping from Japan 7 to 10 days by air About 2 months by ocean shipment
  • Do you charge customs duties?
    Depending on the content of the package, you may be subject to customs duties You may be billed by FEDEX or UPS at a later date Please respond by yourself
  • Do you accept credit cards for payment?
    Payment requests will be invoiced by QUICKBOOKS You can pay without a fee by checking or entering your banking information into the QUICKBOOKS system. Credit cards are accepted up to $300
  • Do you charge sales tax?
    We are located in California and will charge sales tax for in-state customers. Out-of-state customers will not be charged sales tax.
  • Do you offer direct pickup?
    Yes, you can. Make an appointment and we'll get the goods to you in the office.
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