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Gyoza tools


Cabbage cutter

Adjustable roughness with

changing the adjust plate.

Easy to carry with compact size.

Vertical food cutter Mijin HMC-65

105008_1203_アートボード 1.jpg

・Power source: Single phase 100V

・Electricity consumption: 180W  ・Rated time: 10 mins

・Processing ability: Cabbage 3kg / min  ・Weight: 5.1kg


Gyoza squeeze bag

051005_1203_アートボード 1.jpg

The bottom is flat for keeping shape of ingredients.

Easy to stack with special bottom structure

Gyoza tray


Gyoza, Soba tray bottom shape

Alumite soba, gyoza tray lid

Alumite gyoza tray

025009_025007_1203_アートボード 1.jpg

Material / Aluminum

025015_025013_1203_アートボード 1.jpg

Material / Aluminum

Super thick iron board

4.5mm (Board thickness) for 27, 30mm, 5.0mm for 33cm, 6.0mm for 36cm, 6.5mm for 39~45cm


Iron gyoza pan

Gyoza pot aluminum lid

002001-002007_1203_アートボード 1.jpg

Material / Iron surface processing / Clear lacquer coating

002013-002019_1203_アートボード 1.jpg

Material / Aluminum

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